Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of working with JP Creative Group?
While we believe there is a visual communications solution for every business need, at the same time there are clients and projects that are a better fit to our skills, expertise, and our company mission. Please review our portfolio and testimonials page to give you an idea about our work. A project evaluation meeting is the best way to find out if there is mutual connection and good fit for a project opportunity.

Do you take small projects?
If you simply need someone to create a flyer for your event, then we may not be a good fit for your project. For example, we develop integrated marketing campaigns for Annual Training Conferences including the event look and feel, promotional video, conference website, and all the visuals needed for the event.

Do you offer responsive web design & development solutions?
Yes, with the increase demand by mobile users to access web content, it is crucial for any organization to have a web presence customized to the traditional computer user as well as the user on the go using a tablet or a smart phone.

What is the process for a website development?
To provide the best solution in terms of navigation, content organization, and design our website development process includes:
Project review, project proposal and approval, site map and navigation approval, web design approval, CMS development, content upload, website review and approval, CMS training, website launch, and post-launched evaluation.

What is the cost for a website design?
The cost of a project varies depending of the amount of programming, special features, custom design, as well of the number of pages included on your site map.

What is the process and cost for a video production?
The standard stages of video production are:
• Project Review: video purpose and technical requirements, budget, project proposal and approval.
• Pre-Production: writing script, story board, hiring talent, planning shooting locations, equipment, etc.
• Production: the actual video recording
• Post-Production: video editing, special effects, titles and credits, etc.
• Marketing and Distribution (Optional): DVD duplication, cover design, promotions, etc.
The cost of a video production can dramatically change depending of what’s required on every minute of video. For example a 10 min. interview may be easier and more affordable to produce than a 3 min. music video filmed in several locations with a full array of special effects.

What payment options do you offer?
We accept checks and credit card payments online. All projects require a 50% down payment to start.